All investments of time and money for the creation of the Awakening As One webpage, along with films such as “The Quickening” and “Revelations” have been provided from the pockets of the organizers. Though they have committed to spending every penny they have to further the movement towards a harmonious existence, they are operating on finite resources. Though the greatest contribution one can offer is to Seek an experiential understanding of their Oneness with All, any assistance that One is able to provide to help us with our work is greatly appreciated.

Money provided from donations will go towards Seeking and Sharing POSSIBILITIES such as those presented in films like “The Quickening” and “Revelations”; with the intention of assisting as many people as possible in making a smooth transition through these days of Great Change. To offer a donation, simply click on the donate tab below.

Peace and gratitude for your continued support.

We are… Awakening As One