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Intro to “The Shift” – A Mayan Perspective

A further understanding of the empowering, yet dramatic, shift in consciousness that we are approaching as we near the 2012 date may be realized through an examination of the Mayan’s division of the 26,000 year precession of the equinox into 5 equal periods of 5,200 years. It is this cycle of 5,200 years that is measured by what is known as the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

These periods, known as ‘Suns’,  each relate to the movement of the sun with respect to the Milky Way, and are distinguished by the predominating energies that shaped the consciousness of their times.

Thus, the predominant consciousness of the first Sun, which began some 20,800 years ago; was ruled by a feminine, matriarchal, energy, and by the element of fire. This was a ‘birthing’ period for humanity during which fire played a key role in our species’ development.

The Second Sun, beginning approximately 15,600 years ago was ruled by a masculine, patriarchal energy, and by the element of Earth. Here agricultural techniques and architecture were perfected along with systems for urban design. The Third Sun approximately 10,400 years ago was then marked by a return to the feminine, and the element of Air. Here great advances were made in the sciences of the psyche, art and astronomy.

The fourth sun, our current cycle which began some 5,200 years ago, and which is about to shift, is once again ruled by a predominantly masculine energy, and by the element of water, which have influenced the civilizations of this world and the diffusion of a culture that is highly developed both technologically as well as spiritually.

Thus on December 21st, 2012 we will move into the Fifth Sun which will bring with it an entirely new set of predominating energies, and therefore a new experience of consciousness, and reality, beyond the comprehension and imagination of the typical human soul. For this period, for the first time in 26,000 years will be governed by a balance of feminine and masculine energies, and will be accompanied by humanity’s awakening to the mysterious and forgotten fifth element, known as Ether.

More on this subject to come in the following days.