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As ‘The Quickening’ intensifies during the approach of the imminent Day of Return, the global situation will become increasingly intense as the forces that benefit most from our current system of separation and self-service use all of the technology and resources at their disposal in their final attempt to preserve the old and outmoded world of duality.

Already today these forces have begun to engage their plan; which is intended to create the belief in such a hopeless state for humanity, that we will be willing to accept obedience to any law, or saviour, regardless of how oppressive or far-fetched they may seem, in exchange for the right to continue “living” and working to support our current system of governance and authority.

With thanks to the tireless work of other seekers, we present the following information with the intention of encouraging others to Seek, and so be liberated, by their own understanding of the truth. And rather than reacting in fear as you hear these words, we would humbly urge you to consider how the scale and scope of these events have been designed to set you free.

For, when we realize that there is no future in the selfish way that we have been living, then may we be inspired to put aside our personal dreams, ideologies and ambitions, and seek a greater path and purpose for our existence.

And so now, we ask you to center yourself in your heart, and realize as you hear these words that there is no victim or aggressor in this story, for each of us, in our own self-interest, ambition and indifference has played a part in making this world exactly what it is. And know, too, that these plots and plans that are being hatched by those on the shadow side of life, are, in fact, serving the Divine Plan that will provide each member of humanity the necessary opportunity to choose between ‘the self’, and ‘the surrender’ of self.

That said, the essence of the Shadow’s plan is to achieve total control of the world’s wealth, population and resources, so that, similar to what we have today, the masses will work to support the luxurious existence of those who hold power. However, unlike today where most people have the liberty to travel, speak, and worship as they choose, the aim of this New World Order will be to have humanity relinquish these freedoms in exchange for the promise of safety and security from the purported threats of poverty, pestilence, war, death, and famine.

These servants of duality plan to achieve this, and have already begun to do so, by uniting the world under One World Economy, One World Government and One World Religion. However, here it is essential to understand that the dangers prevalent within this plan go beyond the threat to personal liberties, and even physical safety.

For it is the sole purpose of these forces to bind souls to this world of duality. And this will be achieved not only in those souls who rise up to oppose these forces, but also in those who, out of fear for the self, agree to continue working for the system, and thereby supporting the actions of the shadow.

Thus, the key as to how one may transit through these challenging times is to Seek the Truth, that Heaven is neither a place nor a prize… it is a state of mind. And when one learns to see that ALL beings and events have a place, and a purpose, for which to be thankful and loving; then may we find the Faith that will allow us to live our truths, without fear, or aggression. And from this Faith will come love, and the willingness to live in loving service of All.

And so, without further ado let us examine ‘The Signs’ that are pointing to the end of the world as we know it, and to the moment of humanity’s imminent choice… and opportunity.

One World Economy

The first and easiest step to accomplishing a New World Order is already in its advanced stages of manifestation, and it seems that from this step the Union of the remaining aspects will naturally follow. Essentially the plan here is to bring every country in the world to the brink of total financial collapse, at which point the “reasonable solution” will be to unite the Earth’s Economies and form a One World Currency.

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Though this is the end goal, it will be achieved in stages; which include the already established African & European Unions, and which will very soon be followed by the Union of the Americas and the Asian Union.

What we see happening here is that the unsound financial practices of countries and united economic structures are creating a state of global bankruptcy; where countries are spending money that they do not have. By continually printing more money when it is needed, without anything of worth to back it, the inevitable result has, and will always be, a state of extreme hyperinflation as recently seen in Zimbabwe, and which financial analysts are currently predicting will result in the greatest financial collapse of America history.

With every economist aware of this financial fact; that “unbacked spending devalues currency and results in hyperinflation”, we may then realize that the over-the-top spending of the United States and the European Union can only be a conscious effort to create financial crisis.

The extremes to which this unbacked spending have gone, may be easily seen when one considers that both the USA and the EU entered a state of financial Crisis in 2007-2008; during which America received a $700 Billion Bailout, and the EU gathered one of $2.7 trillion to keep its financial structure from total collapse. Then two years later with both of these financial entities obviously insolvent, pressure from mass riots in Greece (May and Dec of 2010) forced the US to back the EU in a trillion dollar bailout package for Greece, and other European countries on the verge of collapse.

And just as the European financial collapse was triggered by that American stock market crash in 2008, because of economic ties and trade relations; when the Economies of these two global financial monsters (among the biggest spenders and traders in the world) collapse, it will effect the economies of every country in the world.

With steps already taken towards their manifestation, it seems that with the next American / European financial collapse, which analysts say is coming soon, we will see the formation of the Asian Union, and that of the Americas. Though little known, the Union of the Americas has already begun, with a North American program titled the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) which was signed in 2005 by the leaders of the US, Canada and Mexico, without announcement or approval from their respective citizens.

Though reportedly defunct the Security and Prosperity Partnership has already enmeshed much of its agenda within the systems of the individual countries, and is now carrying out its plans in the guise of the North American Leaders Summit. The SPP was forced to continue its work under a new banner due to political pressure from the public who raised flags saying that such a union could decrease national sovereignties.

Thus with the entire world’s economies merged into four separate Unions, it would be a relatively simple matter, in the face of further global crisis to finally merge the four financial structures into a One World Economy.

One World Government

The modern day concept of a single common political authority for all of humanity, has its roots in ancient Greek philosophy and in the formation of the Holy Roman Empire. Though many of the early philosophers who dreamed of this global “Brotherhood of Man”, envisioned how such a union could ring in an era of peace, and result in the mutual wealth and benefit of all of humanity; such a union governed under a purely self-serving authority would prove to be more parasitic than profitable.

For, a One World Government that deems to make choices that it sees fit, without consulting the majority of the world population who will be affected by those decisions; is not concerned with caring for the world or its population; rather, its only concern is control. And bestowing such control to such a careless government would give it the power to make the masses do whatever it wishes to establish the luxury, comfort and ideologies of those in control of the One World Government.

Thus, the focus for establishing a One World Government, is Control. And already, today, much work has been done to lay the foundations for this Global Government through the provisions, pacts and agreements signed in the formation of Economic & Trade Unions (EU, NAFTA G20), Military Defense Alliances (NATO & NORAD) and Partnerships such as the SPP.

This sort of Autocratic Power craved by today’s ruling elite is being displayed in recent reports surrounding America’s preparations and new provisions for martial law, as well decreasing rights to privacy and increasing surveillance in countries around the world.

Much intelligent research also indicates our current ruling body’s employment of the Shock Doctrine, where imagined or created threats are enacted to incite fear in the public; who are then more willing to hand over civil rights, in exchange for the promise of protection from these illusory dangers.

Such a strategy is revealed in the case of 9/11 and the resulting “anti-terrorism” laws that sprung up around the world. As well as in what the media has now recognized as the Fake H1N1 pandemic of 2009; as a result of which the Senate passed the Pandemic Preparedness Act, which would allow police officers to enter homes and forcefully vaccinate people against their will.

Thus, in the event that one of these strategically planned events should stir sufficient panic or chaos, these newly implemented laws and Partnerships will have paved the way for the declaration of Martial Law, and the seizing of control by the powers that be. And with the World’s Governments Uniting as One economic power, in the face of these crisis, it will be a simple matter to unite their ruling bodies under the power of G20 and the United Nations, and thereby obtain absolute control, as One World Government.

One World Religion

Having laid the foundations for the One World Economy and the One World Government, the One World Religion will be the glue that binds them all by winning the hearts and minds of the people. This will be achieved by following the advice of the Nazi Propagandist Joseph Goebbels, who advised that “the people will believe any lie, as long as it is big enough, and told often enough.” For today, few tales are taller, or told so often as that of an Epic Final Battle between the forces of ‘good’ and ‘evil’, known to many as Armageddon.

Though reports confirm that an epic battle is brewing in the middle-east, as the US & Israel stockpile weapons foran attack on Iran, and analysts call the recently imposed US-led trade sanctions against Iran, “an act of war”; the fact is, that as with Iraq and 9/11 this war is not a ‘Holy War’, it is a lie. For, numerous reports confirm that the US isfalsely accusing Iran of creating nuclear weapons, and it is under these false accusations that the crippling Sanctions against Iran were passed by the UN.

And as these sanctions make anyone who trades with Iran, and enemy to the UN alliance, Iran’s long-time trade partners China and Russia are set in opposition to the US, Israel and their allies.

Thus, it will be somewhere amidst the war, death, pestilence and famine, of this “Holy War”, when all seems lost, that the forces of darkness and duality will stage a false second-coming of a Christ Figure.

This event, referred to in the bible as the “False Rapture”, will display “signs and wonders so great as to deceive, if that were possible, even the elect.”

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It is thought by some that this ‘Second Coming’, might resemble the bible’s version of the fall of Babylon as portrayed in the Book of Revelation; while others believe that it could be staged to look like the arrival of a ‘benevolent’ alien race, who forming links with our world governments, popular spiritual leaders and movie stars, would perform miracles and tender promises to ease the pains of humanity.

And thus, with the world’s problems “solved” by the arrival of this god-like being, the ignorant masses would rejoice, and worship their “saviour” who would bring the long-desired control to the crisis of the One World Economy and the One World Government. While still others believe that this false messiah may come in the wake of a fake “alien invasion” that is staged with the intention of uniting the world’s governments and military in an effort to defend the planet, and thus establish the New World Order.

However, regardless how it looks, there will be no true salvation or rest in this false rapture. For what most people won’t understand during this time of conflict, as tensions rise on the world stage and people align themselves behind their governments and their gods, is that the real Armageddon is a ‘battle’ that can only be won inside each one of us, and not on a battlefield.

And this Inner Victory will be won by those who through a selfless attitude and a humble yearning for the Truth in which there is no separation, open their hearts to the One Life In All, and find the Faith, and resulting love, that will allow them to live according to their truths and lead the way in helpfulness of others. While those who flee or fight in fear will be bound to the old world of duality and separation by the quality of their own thoughts and desire.

“Therefore, turn from the outer, to the inner self;
and Seek to find Faith, for there is no deeper death
than ignorance and unbelief.” -the bodhisattva Issa