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In working towards its mission to connect and learn how we may work together, Awakening As One has begun an outreach program to the following organizations:


As stated in our mission (see tab, above left) Awakening As One offers the Field of Service presented in this webpage and “The Plan” as a guideline by which we may establish unity within our own spheres of contact; so that, as a unified whole, we may connect to, and learn from other established global networks who are working towards a new system of peace and harmony here on Earth.

We at Awakening As One also wish to raise our voices to those individuals and organizations who are competing to show who is the best and most illuminated, to say “please put all of your differences aside now. Stop working to prove that you alone have the answers and focus on the simple facts that:

  1. we all want the same thing, and
  2. unless we humble ourselves and learn to work together, we will not be able to achieve our goal of assisting humanity in its transition into a new world of harmony.

We ask everyone who reads these words to take a moment to feel the Power that we have to transform the world, if everyone who wanted peace were to unite as one. And now compare that Power to the impact of today’s relatively scattered efforts. In doing so, it is clear that uniting the combined love, wisdom and resources of those who hold a vision for peace is the greatest course of action that we may presently take to assist the earth and humanity in their transition to the new world.

And the only way we may achieve this task… is together.