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At the turning of each Age, among the Children of Man, a prophet is born who carries certain wisdom and teachings that are meant to assist humanity in their successful transition into the Age Yet to Come. Thus, at the dawning of the Age of Pisces a man was born who revealed, through Word and Deed, how one may find, and walk, the True Path of Return; which is available to all who Seek the Truth in earnest, as the Age of Pisces now gives way to that of Aquarius.

Though there has been much confusion surrounding the acts, and even existence, of this prophet; word of his travels and his teachings exist in the records of ancients schools of spirituality in numerous countries of the ancient world, including China, Tibet, Egypt, India, Israel, Palestine, Iran, and Greece. Since his birth and death over 2000 years ago, he has been known by many names; some call him Jesus, or Issa. Some The Son of Man. To some he is the Lord, a bodhisattva, and The Son of God. To others he is a bother, a blasphemer, and a devil.

However, it is the ancient gnostic scriptures that give us the truth surrounding people’s opinions of the Christ, for they inform us that “The great saw him as great, while the small saw him as small. To the Angels he was an Angel, and to the Devils, he was a devil.” And in the light of this understanding we humbly urge all who have discounted the words and teachings of this master, to carefully consider from whence their preconceptions and judgments concerning the Christ have come?

Have they come from the words and opinions offered in print, on pulpit, or in passing, by the ‘small-minded Devils’ referred to in the gnostic scriptures? Or have the anger and prejudices surrounding the Christ come from the countless crimes committed by man… in Christ’s name? Look truthfully upon yourselves, for the time has come to consider our thoughts carefully, and for each one of us to listen to our hearts, and to forget all that we have heard from outside of ourselves, so that we may Seek the Truth inside. Lest we miss the important message and Path that this master sacrificed his life to provide.

Thus, we ask you to hear with fresh ears and an open heart the wisdom and the teachings of the master who was sent to us to light The Way, that we may transition through the Turning of the Age; for just as each person’s perceptions of the Christ revealed the truth of their Inner Self, so do does Jesus’ reflection of self reveal the truth of his person and purpose, for Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, the life; I manifest the Christ of God. No man can reach my Fatherland except he comes with me through Christ.”

Thus the life and deeds of this master were offered as a pattern and symbol which the wise and willing amongst humanity could follow, and so find the path home to Truth, Life, and the original freedom. We are told that this pattern is “a narrow path” which consists of six steps that each person must take to attain salvation, and those steps are 1) a trial 2) a death of the self offered in sacrifice 3) an entombment in darkness 4) the glorious dawn of resurrection 5) the transmutation of the physical body to light 6) and finally the ascension.

And here contrary to the confusion propagated by the Church His life was given to us, as a symbol and pattern of the life that we are to lead if we would choose to return to the Eternal Truth and Original Freedom who through purity of heart and a willingness to surrender himself to the Divine Will of God, learned how to become an open vessel through which the Will, Wisdom and Love of God could manifest its work in the world of man.