The Trump Deception

Trump Impeachment / Assassination leads to Civil War

Trump part of plan to establish Beast System & New World Order

Unbeknownst to the vast majority of people in the world, the raising of Donald J Trump to the role of President of the United States is a key part of the plan to bring the world under the control of a New World Order.  

The NWO must Divide to Conquer: Trump is The Great Divider

The prophesied Beast System and the New World Order could never be instated if it was opposed by a united humanity. And so, in order to fulfill prophecy and instill the Beast System, the servants of the Beast understand that  'the people' must be divided. And to that end, Trump has been strategically placed in office to play the role of the Great Divider.

Since Trump's placement in office, the United States, and the world, are becoming increasingly, and more violently divided into the seemingly opposing ideologies of "Christian" versus "non-Christian; gun-owner" versus "gun-opposer"; "conservative" versus "liberal"; "republican" versus "democrat"; "nationalist' versus "globalist". 

And now, through the work of the mainstream media, the opposing forces all of these conflicting ideologies are being marshaled under the banners of two great armies:  the "Trump-supporters" versus the "Trump-haters".

For, in truth there are a large number of Americans who actually believe that Donald Trump is a saviour; one who is going to liberate the country from what happens to be the very real threat of a deep-state government, which plans to bring the world under the control of a One World Government. Trump's promise to liberate the Nation from these secret and sinister forces was characterized in his pledge to "drain the swamp", a promise, that for many people in America has made Trump a hero.

Meanwhile, the other half of America, and the world; completely ignorant of the deep-state's plans to establish a New World Order, have mindlessly agreed to assume a vile hatred of Donald Trump, to the point where many wish him dead. 

However, what so few people understand, is that chaos caused by the conflict between these seemingly separate camps has been designed to serve one common purpose. 

For now, with America and the world, effectively divided; with one half ready to fight to defend Trump, and the other half ready to fight to kill Trump, the stage is set to bring about the chaotic collapse of America and the Old World system, so that from the ashes, a New World solution can be brought forth, in a classic execution of the Hegelian Dialectic.

With all of America divided, on the issue of Trump, all that remains to be done is to stage some major event like the impeachment / assassination of Trump, or the collapse of the economy and beginning of World War 3, which would be blamed on Trump, and the two sides would erupt in a civil war that would lead to the collapse of America, thereby paving the way for the rise of the New World System of global governance, finance and religion. 

Spiritual Dangers of taking sides in the Trump Deception

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